Variable Peak Pricing (VPP)

On July 1, 2008 a new time-of-use option, the Variable Peak Pricing Rider, became effective.

Under this rider, customers receiving service on a time-of-use rate will have the opportunity to purchase generation service from CL&P that is priced on a daily basis during peak hours and on a monthly basis during off-peak hours. You must have the appropriate metering to choose this rider, so a new meter might need to be installed. If non-standard metering is required, the Customer may be responsible for the incremental costs of such metering.

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The VPP price for on-peak and off-peak hours for all TOU Rates are listed below.

VPP Price Effective for 10/24/2014

Last Resort Service

All Customers
(Rates 41,55,56,57, and 58, with maximum demand of 500 kW or greater)

On Peak : $ 0.06760 per kWh

Off Peak : $ 0.06528 per kWh

Standard Service

(Rate 7 only)

On Peak : $ 0.10157 per kWh

Off Peak : $ 0.07489 per kWh

Small Commercial & Industrial
(Rate 27 and Rate 37)

On Peak : $ 0.09633 per kWh

Off Peak : $ 0.06381 per kWh

Large Commercial & Industrial
(Rates 41, 55 and 56, with maximum demand less than 500 kW)

On Peak : $ 0.09751 per kWh

Off Peak : $ 0.06499 per kWh

Historical Prices