Choose Your Electric Supplier

Did you know? 

Couple Viewing BillYou may purchase your electric energy from an alternate supplier, or you can choose to remain a full-service CL&P customer (this is referred to as CL&P's “Standard Service”). Regardless of your choice, CL&P will be responsible for delivering your electricity, billing you for service and responding to any power outages. Similarly, only CL&P can terminate your service.

Why choose an alternate supplier? 

Most choose an electric supplier to lower their monthly bill. Some choose a supplier for their additional services, such as energy management and conservation services.

How does one find an alternate supplier? 

To compare supplier rates, please visit www.energizect.com.

Before you choose an electric supplier, you should clearly understand all rates and charges. Every supplier who wishes to compete in Connecticut meets strict licensing requirements, as defined by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). The PURA maintains information about these suppliers, including a record of complaints, and issues an annual report to the legislature. In addition, each energy supplier is required to provide information about price, sources of power which make the electricity, and air emissions.

Please visit www.energizect.com if you have questions about choosing an electric supplier, or call PURA at 1-800-382-4586 or TDD 860-827-2837.

How can I return to CL&P's Standard Service generation? 

Customers who want to return to CL&P's Standard Service must contact CL&P by phone at 800-286-2000 (Hartford/Meriden: 860-947-2000) or Contact Us on the web. The typical switch will occur on your next meter reading date. However, you can request an immediate drop of your supplier and a return to CL&P's Standard Service within two business days of your request. CL&P will prorate your bill accordingly. Be sure to check with your current electric supplier to see if cancellation fees apply.