Financial Assistance

The federally-funded Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP) is designed to help low-income households (individuals and families) pay their winter heating bills. CEAP is not designed to pay total heating costs. Households must plan to pay a part of the bill themselves.

If you are a CL&P customer, electricity is your primary source of heat and you qualify for the program, CEAP will pay part of your winter electric heating bills directly to CL&P. (If electric heat is included in the rent, CEAP will send you payments towards the rent.)

Applications for CEAP are handled by the local Community Action Agency (CAA). The application period for winter fuel assistance begins in October. Benefits are available only until funds run out. It is important to apply early to maximize the possibility of receiving the benefits of this program. Call the Department of Social Services (DSS) at 1-800-842-1132, or 2-1-1 to find the nearest location to apply.

Proof of income requirements vary.

Sometimes life can take you down a road with unexpected financial curves. So we'd like to help give you a new start. CL&P's NUStart program may be a great opportunity to eliminate your outstanding balance in as little as 12 months. If you make on-time payments, we'll make up the difference. For more details, click here.

CL&P's new Matching Payment Program provides year-round electric service and possible forgiveness of back balances to low-income electric heating customers who have past-due balances.

Here's what eligible electric heating customers must do to be part of CL&P's Matching Payment Program:

  • Apply for energy assistance by calling your local Community Action Agency (CAA).
  • Enroll in CL&P's new Matching Payment Program and have energy assistance funds applied to your CL&P account.
  • Make and keep a monthly payment arrangement.

Customers who maintain eligibility under the Matching Payment Program will see an additional reduction in their past-due amount for every dollar paid to CL&P. For more information, contact the Matching Payment Program team at 1.800.286.2828 (860.947.2828 in the Hartford and Meriden calling areas).

Utility service cannot be disconnected for CL&P low-income customers for nonpayment from November 1 through May 1. For more details, click here.

Other Income Assistance Programs 

The Soldiers', Sailors' and Marines' Fund provides limited assistance to veterans who are residents of Connecticut, spouses living with the veteran at the time of the veteran's death, and dependent children under age 18. For more information on program eligibility and benefits, contact the Fund at (860) 296-0719.

By enrolling in the Operation Fuel Program, you can help Connecticut residents who are struggling to keep warm this winter. Chances are, they're a lot like you, but they're experiencing a temporary crisis which has left them without enough money to heat their homes or keep their lights on. Many don't qualify for other assistance programs.

Make a one-time contribution when making a Single Direct Debit online or you can choose to contribute monthly and we will automatically add the selected dollar amount to your CL&P bill each month displayed as Operation Fuel donation. You can remove this monthly contribution whenever you choose.

Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible and 100 percent of all donations are used for energy assistance grants.

Operation Fuel is a private, nonprofit energy assistance program for people who need emergency help with energy bills and are not eligible for, or have exhausted, state or federal assistance. Most eligible households have incomes between 151% and 200% of the federal poverty level. Payments are made directly to the company that supplies the household with the heating or utility services.

To apply for Operation Fuel funds, contact the fuel bank in your area for an appointment. For more information, or to find out the name of the fuel bank nearest you, call 2-1-1.

There are many food pantries and soup kitchens available throughout the state to help needy individuals and families. To learn more about food pantries and soup kitchens in the state, and their hours of operation, call 2-1-1.