Generator Safety

A generator is a great backup plan if the power goes out, but generators must be used safely. Follow these basic safety tips to help protect you, your family, neighbors and the CL&P employees working to restore power.




  • If you buy a generator, you may need a town permit or official inspection for it. Also, make sure a licensed electrician installs it. The generator must be connected to your home's wiring through a special transfer switch to be sure electricity produced by the generator does not back-feed into our electric lines, which endangers the lives of workers making repairs. Moreover, proper installation will prevent a house fire.
  • Exhaust from a portable generator contains carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. Never use a generator indoors or in enclosed spaces, such as garages, basements or porches. Always run the generator outdoors as far from the house as possible, and away from doors, windows and air-intake vents.