CL&P Residential Electric Service Rates


Effective January 1, 2015 Per kWh Customer Using
700 kWh/month
Electricity Supply Detail STANDARD SERVICE            
Generation Service Charge** $0.12629$88.40
 Subtotal $88.40 
 CL&P Delivery Services Detail  DISTRIBUTION RATE: 001      
Transmission Charge$0.01979$13.85
Distribution Customer Service Charge $19.25
Distribution Charge Per kWh$0.03326$23.28
CTA Charge per kWh-$0.00041-$0.28
FMCC Delivery Charge$0.00436$3.05
Combined Public Benefits Charge*$0.01039$7.27
 Subtotal   $66.42 
 Total      $154.82 

Account Messages

* The Combined Public Benefits Charge represents a combination of three charges formerly known as: Conservation and Load Mgmt Charge, Renewable Energy Investment Charge and Systems Benefits Charge. This charge also includes the Conservation Adjustment Mechanism approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority in Docket No. 13-11-14.

** Effective January 1, 2007, the Generation Services Charge (GSC) and the Bypassable Federally Mandated Congestion Charge (BFMCC) have been combined into the "GSC Charge" listed in the Suplier Services section of your bill. The GSC reflects all of the cost of procuring energy from CL&P wholesale suppliers. The BFMCC portion of this line item is $.00030/kWh. If you multiply this BFMCC rate by the number of kWhs on your bill, you can calculate the dollar amount associated with the BFMCC.