Protecting the Environment

CL&P along with its parent company, Northeast Utilities, is committed to protecting the environment, and our employees are expected to understand and comply with our environmental policies:

  • In conducting our operations, we will maintain compliance with both the letter and spirit of environmental protection laws and our own procedures.
  • We will demonstrate environmental leadership by pursuing economically, socially and environmentally sustainable initiatives that protect the environment and that are consistent with our corporate vision.
  • We will establish specific objectives and measurable targets that promote continuous environmental improvement, and publicly report our environmental performance.
  • We will practice environmental stewardship by eliminating or reducing environmental impacts resulting from our operational activities.

(Above) CL&P works with the Connecticut Forest & Parks Association to keep Connecticut Trails beautiful and preserve our land.

CL&P participates in a number of innovative environmental initiatives:

  • CL&P, along with other Northeast Utilities subsidiaries, manages more than 7,000 acres of land in Connecticut. These lands are open for public use as hiking trails, cross-country skiing and bird watching. Other tracts are designated as wildlife management areas.
  • CL&P maintains more than 1,500 miles of transmission rights-of-way in Connecticut. These corridors provide ideal habitat for a wide variety of native New England wildlife. We work with wildlife habitat experts to determine how best to support certain species. Our award-winning maintenance programs focus on promoting low-growing native plant species by applying selective herbicides, under low volume and low pressure, to targeted plants. Studies performed in our rights-of-way have shown that these techniques have a positive impact on rare and threatened species of birds, butterflies, mammals and reptiles.
  • CL&P continues to voluntarily reduce the use of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in transformers and other oil-filled equipment.
  • CL&P adheres to all environmental standards for pest management techniques and for trimming vegetation around our poles and wires to reduce the occurrence of power outages. Much of the wood and brush is recycled.
  • CL&P worked with manufacturers to design, develop and test new mercury-free Automated Meter Reading meters.
  • CL&P seasonally utilizes a soy-based bio-diesel fuel in bucket tracks and other Class 4 heavy trucks. Vehicles using this fuel produce 15 percent fewer emissions. We have also been piloting use of biodegradable hydraulic fluid in our fleet.
  • CL&P employees have participated in company-sponsored recycling collections for cell phones and ink cartridges, and have even recycled old sneakers into athletic courts through Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program.

As part of our commitment to the Ceres network, a common belief at CL&P is that environmental and social performance should be integrated into our business strategies. CL&P’s Environmental Management System (EMS) helps CL&P address the immediate and long-term environmental impacts. As an integral part of our management structure, the EMS helps us anticipate and meet growing environmental performance expectations and ensures ongoing compliance with federal and state requirements.

For more information on CL&P and our commitment to protecting the environment, please visit our frequently asked questions.