Metering Services for Home

CL&P's state-of-the art Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology enables our Meter Readers to read electric meters remotely, via radio signals. AMR meters are read by specially equipped vehicles, or handheld devices carried by our meter readers. They allow us to provide accurate and timely meter reads each month, simply by driving or walking by your home!

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) translates into added convenience for our customers:

  • In most cases, our Meter Readers will not need to enter premises or go near the meter to read it. With a touch of a button on our handheld meter reading devices, we can automatically get fast, accurate readings from your meter from as far away as the end of your driveway, or beyond!
  • This sophisticated technology will also reduce the number of estimated bills customers may receive when our Meter Readers are unable to gain access to premises to read meters.

And, AMR meters are cost-effective. Installing AMR meters will ultimately result in a cost-savings to us, which will be passed along to customers.