The CL&P NUStart program is designed to help low- and fixed-income CL&P customers maintain year-round electric service. Through NUStart, customers can reduce -- and even eliminate -- their past-due balance if they pay an agreed-upon budgeted amount on time, each month.


NUStart customers will:

  • continue to receive year-round electric service as long as they make their budgeted payments on time each month.
  • have their past-due balance removed from their CL&P bill, over time. With each month's budget payment, customers receive a credit toward the overdue amount of their bill.
  • find their NUStart budget helps them better plan their monthly electric payments.
  • learn about conservation actions they can take to better control the amount of electricity they use.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible customers include those who:

  • have applied for and are eligible to receive energy assistance funds, or provide other proof of income.
  • have a past-due balance of $100 or more on a CL&P bill which is 60 days overdue, or more.
  • have income at or below 60% of the state median income.
  • have not been dropped from NUStart for nonpayment within the past 12 months.

General Information for NUStart Customers

  • To remain in the NUStart program, customers must make all budgeted monthly payments, in full and on time.

Customers who move must contact our NUStart team immediately for transfer of the program to their new account, and for determination of their new budget amount.

Need more information? Call CL&P at 1-800-286-2828 or 860-947-2828 in the Hartford and Meriden calling areas.

How to Enroll

Please call 1-800-286-2828 or 860-947-2828 in the Hartford and Meriden calling areas.

When you are enrolled you will receive a letter notifying you of your acceptance into the program and your monthly budget payment amount.