Generator Interconnection

Interconnections Collage 

In this section you will find information pertaining to the safe interconnection of generators to the CL&P electric distribution system and information on net metering(PDF). Generators include photovoltaic arrays (solar panels), mini-turbines, wind turbines, cogeneration units and micro turbines, to name a few. Interconnection occurs whenever your generating equipment (including inverters and batteries) is simultaneously connected to your electrical system and to CL&P’s electric distribution system.

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Application Fee 

Certified Inverter: projects 10 kW and lessGuidelines (PDF) $100
Fast Track: projects up to 2 MWGuidelines (PDF) $500
Study Process: complex projects over 2 MWGuidelines (PDF) $1,000

Interconnection Process Summary

  • Submit an application to Interconnect 
  • Within 15 business days CL&P will complete a review of the application (certified inverter and fast track projects)
  • Install your generator
  • Local building officials will electronically notify CL&P that the electrical inspection has been completed
  • CL&P may request to witness the commissioning of the generator
  • CL&P will install a net meter (PDF) if needed
  • CL&P will send you an approval letter to connect and safely operate your generator

Please read the guidelines (above) and technical requirements (PDF) to understand how your generating system needs to be installed to meet federal, state and local electrical codes.